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Curtain Wall Reaction Testing
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Curtain Wall Reaction Testing

Full-Scale Curtain Wall Reaction Structure

Contact: Mike Stanley
Email: Click here to Email Mike
Phone: 575.835.5312

The Full-Scale Curtain Wall Reaction Structure is located at EMRTC's High Performance Magazine (HPM) test site. The HPM is the largest test site at EMRTC and has the capability of testing up to 20,000 lbs (9,090 kg) of TNT at standoff distances of up to 500 feet (152 m) from the reaction structure. The reaction structure is capable of accepting curtain walls up to 42 feet wide and 45 feet tall (depending on clearing requirements). There are currently 4 floors in the structure (ground, 1st, 2nd, and roof). The ground level, 1st and 2nd floors are fully enclosed on the backside of the structure to prevent wrap-around pressure from entering the test space. Each floor slab has interior dimensions of 42 feet wide by 12 feet deep. The reaction structure was designed to withstand approximately 20 psi and 400 psi-ms with no more than 1/2 inch deflections in the upper-most portions of the shear/clearing walls. Structural elements can be adjusted to accommodate any mounting requirements. EMRTC has the capability to fully instrument the reaction structure with an assortment of gauges including, but not limited to, pressure transducers; accelerometers; linear displacement (yo-yo), laser displacement, and strain gauges; as well as real-time and digital high-speed video. EMRTC also has the capability of recording up to 100 channels @ 1 mega sample per second for each test.

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