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Computer Simulations
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Computer Simulations

Computer Simulations

Contact: Robert Abernathy
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Phone: 575.835.5312

EMRTC uses a wide array of state-of-the-art computer software to predict and analyze many types of reactions, structures, and energetic events. Software packages such as Cheetah are used to predict detonation properties of explosives of known composition. Blast tools such as ConWep and BlastX are used to estimate loading from air blasts. EMRTC routinely uses finite element analysis to model highly dynamic problems such as explosive pressure vessels and projectile delivery packages. FEA provides designers with a tool for simulating the behavior of a design under various loading conditions without expensive prototyping. EMRTC typically uses this type of modeling when designing objects that must survive shock environments such as explosions and gun firings.

EMRTC also has several first-principle hydrodynamic codes, including CTH from Sandia National Laboratories and uses the Los Alamos National Laboratory based SPH code, SPHINX, and LS DYNA, a finite element hydrodynamic code for structural calculations.

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