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Advanced Ballistics Shooting Course
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Advanced Ballistics Shooting Course

Advanced Ballistics Shooting Course

The Advanced Ballistics Shooting course is a three day course that will take the student through basic interior ballistics and effects that are significant to long range shooting. A detailed discussion of the physics of exterior ballistics will include bullet, ammunition performance, and variables as well as muzzle jump, spin drift and earth based effects. The course will also include a detailed discussion of advanced 4DOF™ Drag Coefficient (Cd) based solver and its advantages over Ballistic Coefficient based solvers.

Students will fire on a flat fire range after zeroing or determining their rifle point of impact and scope angle. Students will first fire with a long range Doppler radar in order to obtain downrange data for determining form factor, truing, or determination of a precise system Cd. Students will spend the remainder of the day firing at ranges in excess of 1 mile depending on their weapon and cartridge. The third day of class will be firing at a high angle of fire range at angles up to 15 degrees and ranges to 1,500 meters to gain experience with angle fire and ballistic solvers.

Additional add on classes are available for terminal performance, night firing, or high altitude long range shooting. The terminal performance class will introduce the student to the physics of terminal performance and culminate in lab testing of ordnance gelatin with different bullet types by firing both rifle and pistol calibers into bare gelatin and through several barriers. After the completion of this course the student will have a detailed understanding of bullet terminal performance.

Course Outline

EMRTC Advanced Ballistics inaugural course, 2018
EMRTC Advanced Ballistics inaugural course, 2018
1 MEF Sniper Instructors

Course Dates

Contact David Emary to set up course date

Contact Information

David Emary
New Mexico Tech/EMRTC
801 Leroy Place
Socorro, NM 87801
Phone: 575.835.5727
Fax: 575.835.5630
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