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EMRTC Safety Course For Explosive Firing Site And Laboratory Personnel
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EMRTC Safety Course For Explosive Firing Site And Laboratory Personnel

EMRTC Explosive Firing Site and Laboratory Personnel Safety Course

This course covers safety and procedures for the use of explosives in research, development, testing, production, and evaluation activities. Students participate in four days of intensive study that consists of classroom presentations, hands-on laboratory instructions, and firing site demonstrations using EMRTC's explosive testing facilities.

The course has been structured to provide basic knowledge for scientist, engineers, and operating personnel in basic explosive chemistry, safety procedures, and testing of energetic materials. This includes training for explosives laboratory personnel in the proper methods for testing explosives.

The objectives of this course are to acquaint students with techniques and safety requirements and to introduce safe procedures to be used at firing sites and laboratories where research, development, testing, and evaluation of energetic materials are conducted. EMRTC's mission is to provide a working laboratory for research, testing, and training in the areas of energetic materials, explosives, and ordnance. EMRTC's facilities include a 40-square-mile field laboratory that includes more than 30 separate test sites, gun ranges, and research laboratories.

Principal Instructors

Guest Lecturers

Course Dates

Registration Information

Contact Information

To register for the course, or for additional information regarding the course please contact:

Leslie Griego
New Mexico Tech/EMRTC
801 Leroy Place
Socorro, NM 87801
Phone: 575.835.5595
Fax: 575.835.5680
Email: safetycourse@emrtc.nmt.edu

Education Credits

Credits for this course count towards the Test and Evaluation Certicate offered by the Test and Evaluation Research and Education Center (TEREC) at the Georgia Institute of Technology. More information can be obtained on the TEREC web-site or by contacting Dana Stocks at dana.stocks@terec.gatech.edu or by phone at 404.407.7093.

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